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Materials Engineering

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Solving the Mysteries of the Solid Elements (From the Origin of Elements to Machine Parts)

Most of the elements in the periodic table are metallic or semi-metallic elements. This book graphically represents these elements, allowing their nature to be interpreted in more detail. Each element is plotted in a diagram with thermal conductivity on the abscissa and the Young’s modulus on the ordinate....

Finite Element Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Structures Using Post-Tensioning Steel

This book details the theory and applications of finite element (FE) modeling of post-tensioned (PT) concrete structures, and provides the updated MATLAB code (as of 2019). The challenge of modeling PT prestressed concrete structures lies in the treatment of the interface between the concrete and prestressing tendons. Using MATLAB,...

The Types, Properties, and Applications of Conductive Textiles

This book provides basic knowledge about the principles, roles, types and evaluation methods of antistatic and conductive textile materials, which are used for protection against charge dissipation, incendiary discharge, intense electrostatic fields and electromagnetic interference (EMI). It also discusses the basic properties of d...

The Life of Cracks

Many people find the concept of fracture and damage mechanics to be somewhat problematic, mainly because, until recently, close attention in mechanics was focused especially on the strength and resistance of materials. In this sense, to speak of fracture is as uncomfortable for some as it is to speak of a deadly disease. In confron...

Improvement of the Structural Integrity of Ceramic Parts

In contrast to previous epochs, we live in a “new ceramic world” where advanced ceramics are engineered for specific applications. This book highlights studies in the fields of fracture mechanics and materials science as promising avenues for the quality control of ceramic products. It proposes new approaches to solving issues rega...
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