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Mathematical and Quantitative Methods

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Ranked Set Sampling

Ranked Set Sampling is one of the new areas of study in this region of the world and is a growing subject of research. Recently, researchers have paid attention to the development of the types of sampling; though it was not welcome in the beginning, it has numerous advantages over the classical sampling techniques. Ranked Set Sampl...

The Impact of Legislation and Regulation on the Freedom of Movement of Capital in Estonia, Poland and Latvia

One of the fundamental freedoms of the European Union’s Internal Market is the free movement of capital. National barriers to the cross-border movement of capital and payments are prohibited, not only between Member States of the Union, but also between these States and third countries. The book investigates to what extent Estonia,...

Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Common Factors in a Term Structure Model

This paper is the first that completely studies dynamical and cross-sectional structures of bonds, typically used as risk-free assets in mathematical finance, on the independence of the common factors with the empirical copula. During the last decade, financial models based empirically on common factors have acquired increasing pop...

Two Phase Sampling

The development of estimators of population parameters based on two-phase sampling schemes has seen a dramatic increase in the past decade. Various authors have developed estimators of population using either one or two auxiliary variables.The present volume is a comprehensive collection of estimators available in single and two ph...

Factors of EU Economic Growth

This book will appeal to scholars and policymakers who deal with and/or are conducting research on the factors of economic growth. At present, there is no unified growth model that is feasible for every investigation. As such, this volume offers key insights into the factors that are most relevant in explaining growth variation at ...

The Effects and Consequences of Migration and Immigration on the Lebanese Economy and Tourism Sector

This book tackles several important and timely topics with regards to Lebanon, especially after the Syrian conflict. The contributions here analyse the situation of the internal and external Lebanese economy and tourism, and shed light on the causes and effects of migration and immigration. The articles provide detailed insight int...