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Meet our Authors: Boštjan Videmšek

"Boštjan Videmšek is much more than one of the leading journalists and reporters of his generation […] The deep engagement of his writing makes him a kind of living fossil: they simply do not produce journalists and non-fiction writers like him anymore."

- Slavoj Žižek

The above words from Žižek reveal one of the main strengths of Boštjan Videmšek’s work: the profound engagement of his prose. This engagement no doubt stems from his personal experiences over the past two decades – whether from the Mosul front in Iraq or from the border of South Sudan and Uganda in 2017, Boštjan has reported on all of the major global conflicts of the 21st century. His articles and stories have been published in The New York Times, Politico, Le Figaro, Der Spiegel, Aftenposten, El Periodico, the Sydney Morning Herald, Middle East Eye, and Atlantic Post, among others.

In addition to his war-correspondence, the Slovenian born journalist is also an author, playwright, and ultra-marathon runner. He has written multiple books about wars, conflicts, migration, refugees, the Arab Spring, and the Greek financial crisis, including his most recent text published with Cambridge Scholars: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Humanity: A Book of Reportage. It is a timely and above all necessary book, which combines the dying art of reportage with an insightful and humanistic examination of the defining socio-political issues of our era.

After 20 years of war-correspondence, his desire to explore what defines our times has prompted Boštjan to completely re-focus his work. His current literary and journalistic output centres on what he calls “our common and ultimate front line”: the climate crisis.

Boštjan wrote the following about publishing the work with Cambridge Scholars:

“My experience with Cambridge Scholars Publishing was super smooth, effective and free(d) of any kind of usual (pre)publishing stress. Working with the editors was rewarding. Not a second was lost. I would recommend CSP to all authors who are looking for a 100% reliable and fantastically responsive publisher with a strong personal touch.”

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