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Demand, Supply and Welfare Aspects of Pipe-borne Water in Sri Lanka

Water institutions establish the incentives, information, and compulsions that guide behaviour and influence economic outcomes. Water pricing policies that reflect the marginal cost of supply can bring about several positive benefits in the pipe-borne water sector including: 1) greater water use efficiency; 2) an increase in revenu...

Partnership for Development

Poverty has been identified as one of the world’s biggest problems. The international community recognises that reducing global poverty is one of the major development challenges of the twenty-first century. The problem of poverty is particularly severe in Bangladesh, where a variety of poverty alleviation initiatives have been tri...

Tourism Economics

This book examines tourism economics in detail, providing a range of specific case studies of tourism operations in various countries across the world. The contributors to this volume are from diverse locations, with ten countries across four continents represented, namely Canada, China, Greece, India, Iran, Poland, Portugal, South...