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Picture of Mind, Learning, and Knowledge in Educational Contexts

Mind, Learning, and Knowledge in Educational Contexts

Research Perspectives in Bioeducational Science

Editor(s): Elisa Frauenfelder
Contributors: Jiri Novosak;

Book Description

Bioeducational sciences are a broad field of study, uniting concepts from many disciplines (education, psychology, and neuroscience). At the heart of bioeducational sciences lie the fundamental questions of mind-brain and nature-nurture relationships linked to educational practical aspects. Bioeducational sciences may have three main lines of research:
1. epigenetic perspectives: studies on filogenetic evolution (evolutionary perspectives) and mind/brain ontogenesis (ontogenetic perspectives);
2. biodynamic perspectives: analysis of biological bases of learning process (biological perspectives) and individual rethinking as a whole (whole organismic perspectives);
3.synergic perspectives: mind is distributed and situated and knowledge structures are embedded in domain specific contexts (cultural and domain specific perspectives).
The aim of this volume is to identify key foundational questions and classical areas of study characterizing bioeducational sciences as a field of research that considers both the extent to which biologically prepared structures constrain individual cognitive functioning and the relations between individual cognitive development and cultural domains. Believing education part of the cultural elaboration process and recognizing the importance of neuroscience research findings for educational practice, this volume focuses on topics such as the epigenesis of mind, cognitive development, learning processes, knowledge structures, theories of mind and folk theories, interaction between emotion and cognition, cognition and metacognition, and between symbolic and biological systems, across various disciplines and through a cross-cultural perspective.


ISBN-13: 978-1-9043-0321-3
ISBN-10: 1-904303-21-8
Date of Publication: 01/01/2002
Pages / Size: 238 / A5
Price: £9.99


Elisa Frauenfelder is Full Professor of Education at University Federico II of Naples and at Academic Institute Suor Orsola Benincasa. She has held several distinguished positions in her field including the directorship of the Department of Relational Sciences at the University Federico II of Naples, and is author of eight books and numerous articles.
Flavia Santoianni is Research Assistant Professor of Education in the Department of Relational Sciences at University Federico II of Naples. She has authored and edited numerous articles and books, and collaborated with such prominent philosophers as Richard Rorty. She has also been Scientific Co-ordinator of the Bioeducational Sciences Research Group B.E.S.