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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s Physics collection comprises titles from across this wide and exciting field, including books on optical, atomic, applied, and high energy physics. Our books also inspect, and contribute to, new and novel approaches in physics, particularly quantum theories, quantum gravity, and innovative theorisations of entanglement and interconnectedness.  

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Analyzing Materials Using Joint X-ray Fluorescence and Diffraction Spectra

This book presents a complex approach to material composition determination based on the analysis of the joint X-ray spectrum, including fluorescence, scattering, and diffraction reflections. It considers fluorescence, scattered, and diffracted radiations within the common problem of analytical spectrum formation. The complex metho...

Energy and Humanity

Sometime around three million years ago, the first hominid walked on this planet. In the time which has elapsed since then, the descendant of this biped has evolved to reach the top of the food chain. Furthermore, it has manipulated other lifeforms and Earth’s resources in a manner that makes these entirely subservient to only one ...

Methods and Tools for Simulation and Quality Control of Design and Production of Microwave Devices

The book deals with the design and quality control of microwave devices using simulation and measurement methods. It describes principles for designing simulators of microwave amplifiers and oscillators that provide simulation modeling of these devices in accordance with the technical specifications for their design. In addition, i...

The Disembodied Mind

Since classical times we have seen considerable progress in our understanding of the physical world through the disciplines of science. However, when it comes to the mind and its most palpable property, consciousness, we have difficulty attempting any kind of meaningful discussion. Can material things be conscious, or is the mind e...

The Quantum and Cosmic Codes of the Universe

This book provides a wide perspective on all areas of physics, from atoms to galaxies. It describes the most complicated and difficult issues in the field through simple examples and social analogies. It combines the approach of popular science with sophisticated scholarly insights into the discipline of physics. It also offers som...

The Types, Properties, and Applications of Conductive Textiles

This book provides basic knowledge about the principles, roles, types and evaluation methods of antistatic and conductive textile materials, which are used for protection against charge dissipation, incendiary discharge, intense electrostatic fields and electromagnetic interference (EMI). It also discusses the basic properties of d...

The Modelling and Characterization of Dielectric Barrier Discharge-Based Cold Plasma Jets

Non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma jets (APPJs) are of intense interest in current low-temperature plasma research because of their immense potential for material processing and biomedical applications. Depending on the jet configuration and the electrical excitation, plasma characteristics including heat, charged particle...

The Modern Natural Science Picture of the World

Intended for a wide range of readers, this book shows the objective beauty of science. It highlights the features of the micro-, macro-, and microcosm, and discusses the role and importance of the fundamental constants of the observed universe. It examines the behavior of the human organism as an open non-equilibrium system, as wel...

Optical Characteristics of Gas-Discharge Plasma in Mixtures of Mercury Dibromide Vapor with Gases

This volume presents the results of a number of studies on the spectral, integral and temporal characteristics of radiation and DBD plasma parameters on mixtures of mercury dibromide vapor and gases such as helium, argon, neon, xenon, krypton, nitrogen, and sulfur hexafluoride. Gas-discharge plasma in such mixtures is used as a wor...

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

This book takes a historical approach to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and shows the importance that geometry has to the theory. Starting from simpler and more general considerations, it goes on to detail the latest developments in the field and considers several cutting-edge research areas. It discusses Einstein’s theory...

Quantum Phenomena in Simple Optical Systems

This book explores the modern problems of quantum optics, and shows that, in simple optical systems, it is possible to obtain quantum states that are interesting from the point of view of modern quantum physics and quantum optics. In particular, the quantum behavior of the second and third harmonics and subharmonics generation proc...

Dialogues on the New Physics

Eurythmic physics is a general science which seeks to contribute to the unification of the wider field of physics in order to promote understanding of a clearer view of nature. This book develops the fundamental aspects of this approach, tracing how it assumes that, because physical phenomena are not linear in reality, they must be...
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