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Exploring (Im)politeness in Specialized and General Corpora: Converging Methodologies and Analytic Procedures

Corpus linguistic methods provide new avenues for (im)politeness scholarship to reflexively evaluate its understanding of communication and language use on the theoretical contributions of corpus linguistics to the linguistic sciences. In this sense, this volume is a unique contribution to (im)politeness scholarship. It showcases studies in the field which employ specialized and general corpora, with methodologies that range from the speech act to the discourse-analytic and conversation-analytic traditions. The book brings into closer contact scholarship that has hitherto remained in relatively different streams of the scientific investigation of (im)politeness.

A unifying theme of the chapters here is that (im)politeness phenomena are situated within the institutional and genre-specific expectations of participants in an interaction. Each of the chapters identifies the situatedness of (im)politeness from varying perspectives. The chapters in the volume are sequenced from specialized to general corpora, and simultaneously move from conversation – and discourse – analytic perspectives to contributions that address issues surrounding the identification and extraction of (im)politeness in general corpora. In collating the chapters of the volume, care was taken to focus attention on languages that have been studied extensively in (im)politeness scholarship (varieties of English – British English and Englishes in Hong Kong – and Greek), and languages that are only recently gaining more visibility in the field (Slovenian and Turkish).

Şükriye Ruhi retired from Middle East Technical University as Professor of Linguistics in 2012. She continues to conduct research in pragmatics and is project director of the Spoken Turkish Corpus.

Yeşim Aksan is a Professor of Linguistics in English Language and Literature at Mersin University, Turkey. Her main research interests are corpus linguistics, lexical semantics, cognitive semantics and pragmatics. She is the project director of the Turkish National Corpus.

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Mustafa Aksan

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Umut Ufuk Demirhan

Eleni Karafoti

Rosina Marquez-Reiter

Umit Mersinli

Sara Orthaber

Aygul Ucar

Martin Warren

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