Towards a New Philosophy of Mental Health: Perspectives from Neuroscience and the Humanities

This volume represents the results of the Sixteenth International Conference for Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, entitled “Neuroscience, Logic and Mental Development”.

This edited collection brings together selected plenary and keynote papers from the conference, and represents a major contribution to an interdisciplinary dialogue in mental health through the use of new philosophical tools, emerging from neuroscience, clinical psychology, phenomenology and epistemology.

The papers gathered in this volume are divided into four parts, depending on their disciplinary paradigm. The papers included in Part I are focused on advances in neuroscience and neuroimaging as theoretical underpinnings for progress in psychiatric and psychological explanations. Special attention is paid here to the critical reappraisal of current approaches to the implementation of neuroscience in mental health. Some of these papers end with suggestions for modifications to contemporary research programs. The papers belonging to Part II contribute to the psychological understanding of mental disorders, particularly personality disorders. Parts III and IV trace the implications of phenomenology and epistemology for the improvement of an interdisciplinary pluralogue in psychiatry.

Drozdstoy St. Stoyanov is Full Professor of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Person Centered Medicine at Medical University, Plovdiv, and Honorary Lecturer in the Clinical Psychology and Counselling program at Sofia University Faculty of Philosophy. He is also a psychiatrist in St Ivan Rilski State Psychiatric Hospital. Professor Stoyanov is a member of both the Philosophy and Humanities section of the World Psychiatric Association and the Bulgarian Academy of Science and Arts. He is also Visiting Fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, Vice Chair of Philosophy at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, and Vice President of the European Association for Person Centered Health Care (ESPCH).

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