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The Tritonet Approach to Music Theory

‘Music’ is the sum of vibrations created by an intelligence. ‘Theory’ is the evaluation of the bonds between these vibrations.

This book proposes a new theoretical model, Tritonet, that provides a unique approach to music theory by reintroducing the ‘Circle of Fifths’. It offers additional components that turn the circle into a musical calculator, which can be used to construct musical structures visually.

Inspired by a three thousand year-old tablet, the book pays homage to past and present music, while looking towards the future with ‘ResTens’ (modular voice leading) and ‘Cyclic Music’ (tonality cycles).

Tritonet also comes with a smart device app which allows one to listen, observe and develop intelligence for ‘Harmony’.

Tolga Zafer Özdemir received his formal training in piano and music composition from Faris Akarsu while pursuing a degree in Business Management, before going on to study composition with Fernando Benadon, Mark Wingate and İlhan Usmanbaş at MIAM – Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, and with Kamran İnce at the University of Memphis, USA. His music has been performed in six continents, and he has received compositional awards from Greece, Turkey and Sweden. He is currently teaching at the Music Department at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey, and his research interests focus on algorithmic composition and further development of Tritonet.

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