The Nuts and Bolts of Arabic-English Translation: An Introduction to Applied Contrastive Linguistics

This book is aimed primarily at undergraduate and postgraduate students of translation and contrastive linguistics across the world, as well as their instructors. It does not confine itself to showing the differences between Arabic and English in terms of traditional grammar alone, but gently extends to the discussion of such issues as functional grammar, syntax, cohesion, semantics, pragmatics, cognitive linguistics, stylistics, text-typology, translation procedures, and, to a certain degree, translation theories.

It will serve to develop a professional translation competence in all essential areas in students and trainees by providing a suitably wide range of bidirectional practice materials for them and their teachers. Such competence will be developed from the basis of a contrastive study of Arabic and English, and will embrace not just contrasting grammar, but also such matters as awareness of collocations, stylistics and cohesive devices and the identification of text types.

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "Sayyab Translation Studies Series", here.

Ali Almanna received a PhD in Translation Studies from Durham University, UK, and an MA in Linguistics and Translation from Westminster University, UK. He is Associate Professor of Linguistics and Translation and a specialist in linguistics and translation studies, particularly the theoretical annotation of translation. His recent publications include The Arabic-English Translator as Photographer: A Linguistic Account, The Routledge Course in Translation Annotation, and Semantics for Translation Students.

"This textbook is different. Unlike others on Arabic/English translation, it provides a balanced blend of theory and practice. Engaged and engaging, it takes users through a smooth journey across the problems and levels of translation, from the humble preposition to the mighty text. A must reference for students and teachers of Arabic/English translation in today's global context."

Professor Said M. Faiq (FRSA) American University of Sharjah, UAE

"This book is a practical course book for students undertaking professional training in translation both from Arabic into English and vice versa. The copious examples and exercises for translation taken from some modern Arabic short stories will guide the main target audience of Arab students to improving their translation skills into English; equally, the many examples of English will help them hone the traditional skills of translating into their native language. At the same time, since the book is written in English, it will be of interest to native English speakers seeking to improve their translation skills of both literary and media Arabic."

Fred Pragnell Co-translator of a number of the Arabic short stories cited

"Aptly titled, Almanna's work delves into the intricacies of Arabic-English translation in a dynamic and fully-engaging style. Almanna has produced a translation textbook par-excellence using both English-to-Arabic and Arabic-to-English examples and exercises to functionally hone students' translation skills. Nuts and Bolts methodically marches translation trainees step-by-step from novice to advanced by providing for them an expert look into the process of translation and, in doing so, grants them the tools required to produce professional works of translation. I highly recommend this book for teachers and students of translation in general and Arabic-English translation in particular."

Allen Clark Associate Professor of Arabic & Director Intensive Arabic Program at the University of Mississippi, USA

"Trainees (and others interested) in Arabic/English/Arabic translation can benefit greatly from this new addition to the body of teaching materials available to them and their instructors. With its practical and also bidirectional approach, with attention to pre-translation strategies and plenty of exercises for practice and consolidation, this book helps students attain an adequate level of proficiency as professional translators. It also encourages them to develop a range of linguistic competences, to understand the value of translation annotation and, perhaps above all, to be intelligent and creative in their procedures."

John Moreton Leeds University

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