Religiosity and Subjective Well-being in the Arab Context

Throughout the history of humanity, religion has played an important role as one of the most powerful forces of life, death, health and disease. In psychology, interest in the study of religion dates back around one and a half centuries. This interest has been driven, in large part, by the findings of a positive relationship between religiosity and physical and mental health, subjective well-being, happiness and longevity. Furthermore, religiosity is now a subject in many disciplines such as medicine, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, education, epidemiology, gerontology, social work, and psychotherapy.

This book brings together in one volume the scattered studies of religiosity and subjective well-being carried out in different Arab, mainly Muslim, countries. The vast majority of these articles are empirical research papers, and are classified into six sections: namely, Islam and Mental Health; Psychometric Measures; Religiosity, Health and Happiness; Religiosity, Quality of Life and Subjective Well-Being; Religiosity and Personality; and Religiosity, Subjective Well-Being and Psychopathology.

Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Psychology in the Faculty of Arts of Alexandria University, Egypt. He specializes in personality psychology and psychopathology. His research interests include the factorial study of personality dimensions, personality lexica, cross-cultural comparisons in personality and intelligence, obsession-compulsion, anxiety, childhood depression, optimism and pessimism, religiosity, and happiness, among other topics. He coined the terms and scales of “death obsession” and “love of life”. He is the author and co-author of 25 books, and the editor of six books written in Arabic. He has developed 10 psychological scales and published 368 research papers in Arab and international periodicals in Arabic and English, in addition to 20 chapters in edited books and four articles in English-language encyclopedias. He is the recipient of the State Award in Psychology in Egypt, and four awards and 16 research grants from Kuwait University.

"Following the steps of Martin Seligman, the formative leader of Positive Psychology in the United States, Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Khalek (2019) extended the positive emotion of “Love of Life” in his book: "Religiosity and Subjective Well-being in the Arab Context" This unique and brilliant English book follows up on the role of the “Love of Life” as a natural flow from the love of God for his creation...This unique and comprehensive book provides a reformative integration of empirical and hermeneutic psychology."

James A. Beshai, Retired VA Psychologist, VAMC, Lebanon, Pa

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