The Propagation of Ultrasonic Waves in Gas-containing Suspensions

This book presents the results of research in the field of automated systems for the monitoring and control of technological processes of mining production. It offers the first mathematical description of Lamb waves’ propagation processes on surfaces in contact with randomly heterogeneous media (gas-containing suspensions). It is also the first book to explore the analytical dependencies of the attenuation values of Lamb and volume ultrasound waves on the number, size, density, and other characteristics of heterogeneous media during their natural and specially organized movements.

Volodymyr Morkun, ScD, is Vice-Rector for Research and Professor at Kryvyi Rih National University, Ukraine. He is also an academician of the Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine and a corresponding member of the International Academy of Computer Science and Systems. He has over 400 publications to his credit, including Energy Supply of Mining Enterprises; Electrical Equipment and Electricity Supply Mining Enterprises; and The Adaptive Systems of Technological Processes. He is the Chief Editor of the scientific journal Computer Science, Information Technology, Automation.

Natalia Morkun, ScD, is Head of the Automation, Computer Science and Technology Department at Kryvyi Rih National University, Ukraine. Her research focuses on the creation of modern adaptive systems of optimal process control, the development of tools and methods for management of complex dynamic structures, and the application of modern information technology in the steel industry of Ukraine. She has over 300 publications to her credit.

Andrii Pikilniak, PhD, is Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Kryvyi Rih National University, Ukraine. His research focuses on the creation of adaptive control of the pulp gas phase parameters in the flotation process and the development of methods for automated scheduling of maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment. He has around 60 publications to his credit.

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