Theory and Structure in Addiction and Cure

This book will be of value to everyone interested in the prevention of addiction and the detection, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. It interprets and applies research findings about the causation and cure of drug addiction using the author’s personality theory which is extensively compared with that of other personologists. The book includes the qualitative analysis of 12 addict case studies. It is especially timely in view of the need for effective legislation, judicial procedures, and treatment programs to deal with the opioid crisis in the United States and Canada.

Professor Shlomo Giora Shoham received the Israel Prize in 2003 and the Emet Prize in 2007 for his formulation of profound ideas in various areas of criminology and penal theory, for developing criminology as a scientific socio-legal branch in Israel, and for establishing institutes of criminology at Bar-Ilan and Tel-Aviv Universities. His many publications include Art in the Authentic Domain (2006); World of Light (2009); To Test the Limits of Our Endurance (2010); The Genesis of Genesis: The Mytho-Empiricism of Creation (2011); The Measure of All Things: Anthropology (2013); and Moses: The Righteous Sky Gazer (2014).

Dr Efrat Vignansky-Addad received one of the first Israeli PhDs in Criminology. She was the Co-director of the “Third Floor” treatment groups and performed much of the research required for writing this book.

Adi Ann Berkovic is currently a Buchmann Faculty of Law student at Tel Aviv University and holds a BA in Developmental Education and East Asian Studies.

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