100 Years of Women in the Dental Profession in the UK, 1918-2018

This book is a showcase celebration of the achievements of women dental professionals in the 100 years since (some) women first achieved the right to vote in the United Kingdom. Women dentists hold equal status as men within the profession, although there is some way to go before this is mirrored across dentistry as a whole. This volume will serve to provide inspiration to all dental professionals, men and women, regarding the many and varied opportunities dentistry provides. The women profiled are working (or have worked) in all aspects of dentistry, they are role models to all and are a credit to the profession. We can learn so much from each other, and the role of mentoring is an important underpinning thread that runs throughout the book and is highlighted in the career stories of each woman.

Dr Janine Brooks, MBE, has spent her whole clinical career in Community Dentistry, the last 17 years as a Clinical Director working in Herefordshire and South Warwickshire, UK. During that time, she has gained experience in the general management of a wide range of healthcare professionals, project management and data protection. Currently she is an Educational Associate for the General Dental Council and a coach for the Professional Support Unit Health Education England, Thames Valley. She is also an expert witness and lead clinical tutor for the Law and Ethics module for the University of Bristol’s BUOLD programme, and a Fellow for the Society of British Dental Nurses. She writes extensively and has published two books, How to Develop Your Career in Dentistry and How to Survive Performance Difficulties in Dentistry, in addition to a number of articles and papers.

"Put together by Dr Janine Brooks MBE, 100 Years of Women in the Dental Profession in the UK, 1918-2018, is a showcase celebration of some of the industry’s finest female dental professionals since (some) women first achieved the right to vote in the UK. It also marks key turning points in those 100 years and milestones relevant to the development of various roles, including that of the dental nurse."

Julie Bissett, https://www.dental-nursing.co.uk/news/100-years-of-women-in-dentistry-new-book

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