A Global Approach to Data Value Maximization: Integration, Machine Learning and Multimodal Analysis

This book presents a systematic discussion about methods and techniques used to extract the maximum informative value from complex data sets. A multitude of approaches and techniques can be applied for that purpose, including data fusion and model integration, multimodal data analysis in different physical domains, audio-video display of data through techniques of “sonification”, multimedia machine learning, and hybrid methods of data analysis. The book begins with the domain of geosciences, before moving on to other scientific areas, like diagnostic medicine and various engineering sectors. As such, it will appeal to a large audience, including geologists and geophysicists, data scientists, physicians and cognitive scientists, and experts in social sciences and knowledge management.

Paolo Dell’Aversana holds degrees in Geology and Physics, and has studied Philosophy of Science, Aesthetics and Logic. He has 31 years of experience in geology and geophysics, including 23 years in the hydrocarbon industry. He is currently Senior Geophysicist and Technical Leader at Eni SpA, Upstream and Technical Services, and is an expert in integrated geophysical methods, seismic tomography, electromagnetic modelling, geophysical inversion and data science. He has published more than one hundred papers, three scientific books and a book on epistemology. He has also received two Honorable Recognition Awards from the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, as well as the International Eni Award.

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