Psychopathology and Atmospheres: Neither Inside nor Outside

Feeling sad during a funeral and being relaxed while having dinner with friends are atmospheric feelings. However, the notion of “atmosphere”, meaning not only a subjective mood, but a sensorial and affective quality that is widespread in space and determines the way one experiences it, has intensified only recently in scientific debate. The discussion today covers a wide range of theoretical and applied issues, involving all disciplines, paying attention more to qualitative aspects of reality than to objective ones. These disciplines include the psy- approaches, whose focus on an affective experience that is emerging neither inside nor outside the person can contribute to the development of a new paradigm in psychopathology and in clinical work: a field-based clinical practice. This collection of essays is the first book specifically addressing the link between atmospheres and psychopathology. It challenges a reductionist and largely unsatisfactory approach based on a technical, pharmaceutical, symptomatic, individualistic perspective, and thus promotes the exchange of ideas between psy- disciplines, humanistic approaches and new trends in sciences.

Gianni Francesetti, MD, is a psychiatrist, Gestalt therapist, and Adjunct Professor of Phenomenological and Existential Approaches to Clinical Practice in the Department of Psychology at the University of Torino, Italy. He is also Co-Director of the International Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Psychopathology-IPsiG, and was formerly President of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) and the Association of the Italian Federation of Psychotherapy (FIAP).

Tonino Griffero is Full Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy, Director of Sensibilia and editor of the book series Atmospheric Spaces: Aura, Stimmung, Ambiance and the e-journal, Lebenswelt: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Experience. His most recent publications are Atmospheres: Aesthetics of Emotional Spaces (2014), Il pensiero dei sensi. Atmosfere ed estetica patica (2016), and Quasi-Things. The Paradigm of Atmospheres (2017).

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Miguel Benasayag

Gianni Francesetti

Tonino Griffero

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