A Practical Guide to Promoting Social Participation in Seniors: A Community-based Approach

This volume represents an instruction manual for community workers and academic researchers wishing to conduct community-based participatory action research. The principles and experience described here will also be useful for any individual from charitable bodies, government agencies, and academic institutions desiring to work with older communities in ensuring that they are able to start on the right footing. The contents of this book are applicable to all countries worldwide, while also providing much-needed contributions to such work in older communities in lower-to-middle income countries.

Teoh Gaik Kin, PhD, is a Fellow in Community Engagement at the International Medical University, Malaysia. She is a licensed counsellor. She held a postdoctoral research fellowship, which focused on building partnerships with local communities, at the University of Malaya from 2016 to 2018.

Tan Maw Pin is a Professor of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Malaya, Malaysia. She has led numerous research projects in order to obtain local data to inform the development of older persons’ services, and has authored over 100 articles.

Chong Mei Chan, PhD, is Senior Lecturer of Nursing at the University of Malaya, Malaysia, and has researched gerontology nursing for 20 years. She has published 20 articles and two books.

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