Human Glucose Transporters in Health and Diseases

Glucose transporters play an important role in the metabolism of both humans and animals. These membrane proteins mediate the transport of several substances, such as monosaccharides, inositols, vitamins, and iodide, across the plasma membrane. Disturbances in expression and function of these carrier proteins usually cause severe or even fatal outcomes. This book discusses a series of current issues regarding the correlations between the expression of these transporters and diseases, including the role of glucose transporters as a potential anticancer and antidiabetic therapeutic target. By presenting a clear review of the correlation between glucose transporter-health and disease, the book will serve to draw more biomedical scientists, physicians, pharmacologists, physiologists, and students to dedicate their research to the role of glucose transporters in human health and disease.

Professor Leszek Szablewski received his MS in Biology from the University of Warsaw and his PhD from the Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He habilitated at the Medical University of Warsaw, and attained his professorial degree from the President of Poland. He is the Head of the Department of General Biology and Parasitology at the Center for Biostructure Research of the Medical University of Warsaw. He has published over 70 peer-reviewed journal articles in publications such as Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Acta Reviews of Cancer, among others. He has also authored one book and edited three volumes. His research focuses on cell, physiology, genetic and pathophysiology.

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