Global Perspectives on Media, Politics, Immigration, Advertising, and Social Networking

This eclectic and multicultural volume contains 17 papers, authored or co-authored by 25 scholars and doctoral students representing 11 countries. They discuss a wide range of global issues, including immigration, marginalization, identity, mass media, politics, social networking, education, digital media, advertising, and globalization. This book will be an excellent supplement to senior and graduate-level courses in international communication, cultural studies, mass media, journalism, global studies, political communication, intercultural communication, and related subjects.

Dr Yahya R. Kamalipour is a Full Professor of Communications and former Chair of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, USA. He previously served as Professor and Head of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts of Purdue University Northwest, USA, for 28 years. His areas of interest and research include globalization, media impact, international communication, Middle East media, and new communication technologies. Profiled in Contemporary Authors and Who’s Who in the World, he has published sixteen books, including Global Communication: A Multicultural Perspective, 3rd Edition and Global Discourse in Fractured Times, Digital Transformation in Journalism and News Media (with Mike Friedrichsen). He is the founder and managing editor of the Global Media Journals network, the founder of the Center for Global Studies (Purdue Northwest), and founding president of the Global Communication Association. He has been interviewed by major newspapers and broadcast media, including the BBC, Reuters, and ABC.

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Ejaz Akram

Khalid Al-Jaber

Jabbar Al-Obaidi

Sreoshi Bakshi

Surhita Basu

Jane Campbell

Theresa Carilli

Mokhtar Elareshi

María Fernández de Casadevante Mayordomo

Pablo Fernández de Casadevante Mayordomo

Raúl Gómez Martínez

Nadezhda Greydina

Shanu Gupta

Krzysztof Gurba

Zichao Li

Rekha Pachauri

Laura Pascual-Nebreda

Jessica Paule-Vianez

Satya Prasad Pedamallu

Camilo Prado Román

Rainer Rubira-García

Namit Vikram Singh

Mukul Srivastava

Juan-Francisco Torregrosa-Carmona

Durgesh Tripath

Ramendra Nath Verma

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