The Treatment of Hungarian Jewish Health Professionals in the Shadow of the Holocaust

This book explores the social, medical and historical aspects of Hungarian Jewish doctors’ lives, between the end of World War I and the start of World War II. It also answers how it was possible for these doctors to treat patients when inmates themselves, and what the reasons were for the unusually high percentage of Jewish youth choosing the medical profession in Hungary.

Dr Julia Bock received her PhD in History from Loránd Eötvös University, Hungary, and holds a Master’s in Library Science from Columbia University, USA. She is currently the Acquisition Librarian at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, having previously worked as the Chief Librarian of Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York.

"[The book] is unique in many ways. Most impressive is the vast number of sources, a long list of books, reviews, internet articles, etc., that would require years to accumulate. Impressive also is the encyclopaedic biographical data obtained on each physician and the large number of photographs collected. The personal history of each of the physicians is an immense work […] Hopefully, this contribution to Hungarian society will prevent the resurfacing of old hatreds. Both historically and literarily this book is of very high quality, fulfilling a very important missing chapter in the history of medicine."

George M. Weisz, University of New England, Australia

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