The Story of Econophysics

This book will appeal to the lay-reader with an interest in the history of what is today termed ‘Econophysics’, looking at various works throughout the ages that have led to the emergence of this field. It begins with a discussion of the philosophers and scientists who have contributed to this discipline, before moving on to considering the contributions of different institutions, books, journals and conferences in nurturing the subject.

Dr Kishore Chandra Dash is Principal of Baji Rout Memorial College, Bhuban, India. He received his MSc and PhD in Physics from Regional Engineering College, Rourkela, India. His research interests are small angle x-ray scattering, fractals and econophysics. He is the author of “Systemic Risk Involved in Mutual Funds” in Econophysics of Systemic Risk and Networking (2012), “Evolution of Econophysics” in Econophysics of Agent-based Models (2013), and “Judging the Impact of ‘Econophysics” in Econophysics and Data-driven Modelling of Market Dynamics (2015).

“Dr Kishore Chandra Dash, the author of the present book has done painstaking work by writing this excellent book. The book is written in simple words, and does not need much of mathematics and physics to understand. From this point of view, the author has achieved his goal, as promised in the ‘Preface’. The Story of Econophysics will be useful not only for general readers who are interested in social, economic, political issues, but also for young research scholars interested in econophysics because the book gives cue for further research in this area.”
Rajinder Singh
University of Oldenburg, Germany; Science and Culture, May-June 2020

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