Dinitrosyl Iron Complexes as a “Working Form” of Nitric Oxide in Living Organisms

This book sums up the results of more than 50 years’ work on the physico-chemical characteristics and biological activities of dinitrosyl iron complexes (DNIC). The interest of researchers in DNIC increased dramatically after the discovery of the fundamental role of the DNIC constituent nitrogen monoxide (NO) as one of the most universal regulators of metabolic processes occurring in living organisms. By virtue of their ability to donate NO and nitrosonium ions (NO+), DNIC mimic their beneficial (regulatory) and detrimental (cytotoxic) effects on living organisms and represent their “working” form.

This text will appeal to practitioners in the field of biology, and other areas of modern-day science.

Anatoly F. Vanin is Professor of Biophysics and Head of the Laboratory of the Physical Chemistry of Biopolymers at N.N. Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics in the Russian Academy of Sciences. He discovered and identified dinitrosyl iron complexes (DNIC) with thiol-containing ligands in yeast and animal tissues. He is the author of more than 5000 scientific publications, and received the Silver Medal of the International Society for Spectroscopy of EPR and a special award from the Government of the Russian Federation.

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