Arts, Politics and Social Movements: In the Fields and in the Streets

As reflected in the title of the book, the contributions here describe a series of artistic and activist actions in different places sing different forms of aesthetic styles to challenge the existing order of things. Nine chapters present specific situations in Europe and the US in a multilocal dialogue.

This multifaceted collection questions contemporary ideas and actions in the face of the Great Transition. It offers a suite of case studies that are linked by elective affinities, an immediate and intuitive accordance between both the activists and the authors despite their differences. All actors tend to reflect a similar concern for their direct environment in proposing and documenting utopian forms which are also dealing with the past and present with a form of tenderness for the “here and there”.

This shared sympathetic interest explains why the book also corresponds to a form of engaged scholarship. The chapters contribute to the long roll of historical debates and conflicts on “what is to be done” at present and in the near and distant future.

Elen Riot is an Associate Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship in the Laboratoire REGARDS in Reims University, France. Her research uses fieldwork to explore representations, identity claims and cultural heritage in public and private organizations in relation to social movements and social transformation. She mobilizes visual methods and aesthetics.

Claudia Schnugg is a researcher and curator in the fields of art and science, and producer of artscience projects, looking at the intersection of art with science, technology, business, and society. Her academic work focuses on the effects of art and artistic initiatives in organizational and social settings, including change processes and new technologies.

Elena Raviola is a Researcher in the Gothenburg Research Institute, Sweden, working at the Academy of Design and Crafts. Her main research interest lies in understanding the role of technology and other material artifacts in organizing professional work. Her primary field of investigation is news production.

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