Tuberculosis and Co-infection with HIV-AIDS: Its History, Cause and Spread

This book deals with Tuberculosis in exhaustive detail. It incorporates the most recent research on the disease, and is divided into different sections highlighting the chronological history of its development, global spread, the current scenario in India with regards to the disease, seasonality, co-infection with HIV-AIDS, and the novel combinatorial-therapy with special reference to underprivileged and tribal populations.

Avoiding lengthy and irrelevant descriptions, it will help the reader, particularly students, to grasp the facts. The book is supplemented with figures and ray diagrams to allow full visualisation of the concepts discussed.

Dr Pranveer Singh completed his graduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Allahabad, India. Dr Singh completed his doctorate in Evolutionary Population Genetics at Banaras Hindu University, India, and his postdoctoral studies in Biophysics and Proteomics at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. He is currently Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Zoology at Mahatma Gandhi Central University Bihar, India. His research interests include epidemiology and diseases, biophysics, proteomics, vaccine design, evolutionary and population genetics. He has published a number of research papers and articles in various national and international journals, in addition to several books and book chapters.

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