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Eco-Neurobiology, and How the Environment Shapes Our Brains

Eco-neurobiology is a field of neuroscience that investigates how environmental factors impact the brain through development and aging. This book takes the reader on a journey through the most recent findings in this field, covering how non-genetic factors influence our brain and may contribute to the development of disorders, as well as the everyday function of our minds. The things we eat, the stressfulness of our lives, and traumatic events all have effects on our brains that we are just beginning to understand.

Dr Andreas M. Grabrucker received his MSc in Biology with a focus on Genetics from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, in 2005. After obtaining his PhD in Molecular Medicine from Ulm University, Germany, he continued his research at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, USA. He is a tenured Lecturer at the Department of Biological Sciences of the University of Limerick, Ireland, and a member of the Bernal Institute and the Health Research Institute of the University of Limerick. His major research focus is translational neuroscience, and he has published nine book chapters and over 49 articles in scientific journals.

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