A Guide to Sustainable Energy in West Africa

This volume highlights the abundancy of clean energy resources with which the geographical area of West Africa is endowed. It shows the pace at which the renewable energy sector is growing and how it contributes to the mitigation of global warming. The book identifies in detail the stock of various resources, the enabling business environment and the state of the development of solar and hydro power technologies.

Dr Mahaman Dango Abdou is Head of the Sub-Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). He holds a DSc in Renewable Energy from Atlantic International University, USA, and an engineering degree from the Engineering National School of Bamako, Mali. His research interests focus on the environment, global warming and energy. He is the author of the technical reports “Environmental Rehabilitation of Refugee Affected Areas in Djibouti” and “Hydrogeological Study of Water Points in East Chad”.

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