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A Handbook of Nuclear Applications in Humans’ Lives

Without using nuclear technology, today’s societies would not be as developed as they are. Increasing public knowledge about the countless advantages of this technology not only improves people’s health, but also it significantly provides economic growth for the whole society.

This handbook provides a full, comprehensive introduction to the applications of nuclear technology. It details the usage of nuclear technology in every aspect of life, including in various different industries, medicine and health, art and cultural heritage, and security and forensics.

Dr Farshid Tabbakh is Assistant Professor in Nuclear Physics and Faculty Member at the Radiation and Application Research Institute. He is also a consultant to a number of industrial and food and agriculture companies regarding electron beam usage. He has published more than 20 research papers in various international journals in the fields of radiation application and safety, proton therapy, Rhodotron accelerators, and polymeric radiation shielding.

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ISBN: 1-5275-4336-6

ISBN13: 978-1-5275-4336-2

Release Date: 10th January 2020

Pages: 176

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