The Baseline Mass Transfer Coefficient: Water and Wastewater Aeration Systems

The discovery of a Standard Specific Baseline Mass Transfer Coefficient (KLa0)20 represents a revolutionary change in the understanding, designing, operation and maintenance of aeration equipment, as well as providing a baseline for future research and development for water and wastewater treatment systems. Previously, it has not been possible to correlate mass transfer coefficients (KLa) from one test to another, even under ordinary testing circumstances. This book discusses the use of the Standard Model to determine the baseline for any test, and its major finding is showing that gas transfer is a consistent relativistic theory of molecular interactions based on the Standard Model. Previously, the primary challenge was the appearance of divergences in the mass transfer coefficient calculations and estimations. This procedure of renormalization to a baseline is a great achievement in physics and engineering.

Johnny Lee graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1978. Since then, he has been a geotechnical and public health engineer in Hong Kong, and a drainage engineer in the UK designing surface water and sanitary sewer systems in large drainage projects. He currently works as an independent researcher in engineering physics, civil engineering and biotechnological engineering. His publications include the papers “Mass Transfer Coefficient and Gas Solubility”, “Development of a Model to Determine Mass Transfer Coefficient and Oxygen Solubility in Bioreactors”, and “Development of a Model to Determine the Baseline Mass Transfer Coefficients in Aeration Tanks”, among others.

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