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Genetically Modified Organisms and Regulations Concerning Biotechnological Products

Today, the world’s population is growing, but the amount of arable land is decreasing. About 820 million people around the world are suffering from hunger. On the other side, agricultural mega-companies are making billions of dollars from growing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMOs grow faster and in greater numbers. This book investigates many concerns resulting from the demand for these products and the legal perspectives surrounding these products.

Dr Iraz Haspolat Kaya graduated from the Department of Economics of Inonu University, Turkey, in 1999. She worked as a Visiting Scholar the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics at the University of Maryland, USA, in 2007. She received her PhD in Socio-economic Development and Biotechnology from the Biotechnology Institute of Ankara University, Turkey, in 2011. She has published many articles in both national and international scientific journals, and is an Associate Professor at the Biotechnology Institute at Ankara University.

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