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Classroom Assessment for Language Teaching: Challenges, Choices, and Consequences

This book focuses where assessment has greatest relevance—the classroom. A great deal of research related to assessment is focused on ‘the testing industry’, high-stakes language proficiency testing, and related analytical and statistical reports that are far removed from teachers’ and students’ experiences in the classroom. Recently, more attention has been paid to assessment in language classrooms and the many challenges that teachers face in both measuring and promoting student learning. This book contributes to the body of knowledge related to teacher assessment competence, and how it is manifested in the decisions they make about assessment procedures and instruments in their classes.

Focused on specific challenges related to classroom assessment, each chapter reports on particular assessment issues faced by teachers, their choices regarding such issues, and the consequences (actual or anticipated) of their decision-making. This book will interest the thousands of teachers globally dealing with the numerous challenges associated with effective classroom assessment in language learning. This collection of teacher voices, stories, and investigations provides possible solutions to such challenges, and will serve to promote assessment literacy in the language teaching profession.

Eddy White, PhD, is the Assessment Coordinator at the University of Arizona’s Center for English as a Second Language (CESL). He has been a teacher trainer since 2006, publishing, presenting, and teaching courses about assessment. His most recent publications include the co-edited book Handbook of Research on Assessment Literacy and Teacher-made Testing in the Language Classroom (2019). He is the founder of the professional community of practice related to classroom assessment, the CALT Group (Classroom Assessment for Language Teaching).

Tahnee Bucher has over 14 years’ experience in language teaching. She received her MA in TESOL and certificate in University Teaching in 2012. She is a Senior Instructor at the Center for English as a Second Language at the University of Arizona. She provides professional development in language assessment for faculty members and offers feedback on center-wide assessments. She is a PhD candidate, and her doctoral research concerns language assessment and language teacher assessment literacy. Her most recent publication is a book chapter entitled “The Impact of the Social Dimension on Assessing Oral Proficiency: Challenges in Test Design and Scoring Systems” (2019).

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