Eurasian Intermodal Supply Chains: A Dynamic Systems Approach

In the forthcoming decades, Eurasia will be a place of new growth and prosperity. China is rapidly increasing international infrastructure investments, such as stimulating the One Belt One Road Programme (or the Belt and Road Initiative) which will serve different European cities. This book covers block trains, intermodal and multimodal transport, piggyback transport, single-wagon transport and other types of freight traffic, offering an up-to-date, Eurasian perspective filled with many cases and models (with software re-creating the real world) that help the reader to understand the dynamics of the unprecedented changes that have taken place in logistics and supply chain management. The simulation process and systems approach are described in a simple and step-by-step format, allowing the reader to build models from scratch. Through the basics and essential concepts detailed here, even complete beginners will be able to quickly grasp the idea of the usability of a dynamic systems approach for managing Eurasian intermodal supply chains.

Olli-Pekka Hilmola is a Professor in LUT University, Finland. He has more than 300 publications to his name, has been part of numerous international research projects, and has worked in several universities within Finland, Sweden, Estonia and China. In addition to his academic work, he also holds industrial experience.

Yulia Panova has a background in railway transportation organization and management. She graduated with a doctoral degree in Technical Science from LUT University, Finland, and her research focuses on the simulation modelling of dynamic systems. She is an Associate Professor at Luoyang Normal University, China, and is the co-author of the book Risk Management in the Economy: Problems and Solutions.

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