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A Self-management Guide for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients from Middle Eastern Countries

This book explains, in a simple and practical way, how and when the diabetic patient should conduct self-management activities. These include healthy eating, physical activity, the consumption of medication, the monitoring of blood glucose level, the cessation of smoking, and foot care, among others. Such activities can help the patient to establish a level of control over their condition, and thus reduce the risk of developing serious complications. As such, this book will be of particular interest to diabetic patients and their family members, as it will provide them with further information in their fight against diabetes. Additionally, it will also appeal to physicians, pharmacists and nurses as a guide for their work in educating diabetic patients.

Ehab Mudher Mikhael is a Lecturer of Clinical Pharmacy at the College of Pharmacy of Baghdad University, Iraq. He received his BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences and his Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from the same institution in 2006 and 2013 respectively. He has published more than 25 articles in various international journals on diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and pharmacy practice issues such as pharmacy ethics and antibiotic dispensing. He is currently a PhD student in Social and Administrative Pharmacy at Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Professor Mohamed Azmi Hassali is a renowned researcher in the field of quality use of medicines, and is a member of Health Action International-Asia Pacific, Action on Antibiotic Resistance, the Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations, and the International Network For Rational Use of Drugs. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized him as one of the leading researchers in the fields of generic medicine policy analysis, medication safety, and the rational use of antibiotics. He also serves as a committee member for the National Medicine Policy Steering Committee under the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Saad Abdulrahman Hussain is a Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, at Pharmacy Department at Al-Rafidain University College, Iraq. He achieved his BSc degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1979, his MSc in Clinical Pharmacy in 1993, and his PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the College of Pharmacy at Baghdad University, Iraq, in 1998. He has published more than 150 journal articles in the fields of drugs, poisons and clinical pharmacy.

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