On Translating Arabic and English Media Texts: A Coursebook for Undergraduates

This book is a unique and must-read coursebook for undergraduate students studying media translation between English and Arabic. Adopting a practical approach, it introduces the reader to the linguistic and stylistic features of media texts in both English and Arabic, newspaper sections, structures and types of news stories. Packed with extensive vocabulary items and exercises, the book features a collection of seven types of media texts which are dominant in the media industry.

Mahmoud Altarabin is an Assistant Professor of Translation and Linguistics at the Islamic University, Gaza, where he teaches different translation and linguistics courses to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. He is the author of Basics of Translation: A Textbook for Arab University Students and Translation: An Advanced Coursebook, Media, Law and Technology.

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ISBN: 1-5275-5064-8

ISBN13: 978-1-5275-5064-3

Release Date: 12th June 2020

Pages: 208

Price: £61.99