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The Dynamics of Changing Higher Education in the Global South

Today, there are generally universities in Africa rather than ‘African universities’. The legitimacy of the university in Africa is under serious questions now because of its complicity in racism, patriarchy, sexism, colonialism, capitalism, genocide, epistemicide, linguicide, culturecide, and alienation. In other words, the university in Africa as we know it today is elitist and exclusionary. Therefore, rethinking the idea of the university is fundamental to overcoming its current deficiencies in the Global South. This volume, bringing together a number of national case studies and macro-analyses on the dynamics of changing higher education in the Global South, gestures towards the desired, imagined decolonial African university, which should be a site of multilingualism where African indigenous languages, cosmologies and ontologies become a central part of its identity and soul, intolerant of epistemicides, linguicides, and cultural imperialism, but a site of cognitive and social justice that fully embraces the idea that all human beings are born into valid, useful, relevant and legitimate knowledge systems.

Busani Mpofu is a Senior Lecturer in the Development Studies Department of the University of South Africa. He researches on Third World urbanisation and the history of African cities, land reform and agrarian histories, inclusive development, and development discourse and theory. His latest publications include “The Land Question, Agriculture, Industrialisation and the Economy in Zimbabwe: A Critical Reflection” (2018) and Rethinking and Unthinking Development: Perspectives on Inequality and Poverty in South Africa and Zimbabwe (co-edited with Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni; 2019).

Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni is a Research Professor and Director of Scholarship in the Change Management Unit at the University of South Africa. He has published extensively on African history, African politics, and development. His major publications include The Ndebele Nation: Reflections on Hegemony, Memory and Historiography (2009); Empire, Global Coloniality and African Subjectivity (2013); Epistemic Freedom in Africa: Deprovincialization and Decolonization (2018); and Rethinking and Unthinking Development: Perspectives on Inequality and Poverty in South Africa and Zimbabwe (co-edited with Busani Mpofu; 2019).

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