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Innovations in Health Sciences

This book provides essential information on a wide range of important issues in health sciences relating to child development, nutrition and dietetics, nursing, midwifery, and general health services. It also examines some issues and concerns in health management, including organizational trust in health care; artificial intelligence in healthcare, community-based rehabilitation in cerebral palsy; and digital marketing in the health sector.

Contributions in each chapter are prepared by experts in the respective fields, and mirror advances in the respective field. This book sets out a number of important future tasks within the field, and supplies extensive bibliographies at the end of each chapter, as well as tables and figures that illustrate the research findings. All these make this book highly useful and a ‘must-read’ for students, researchers, and professionals in health sciences.

Professor Nelya Lukpanovna Shapekova graduated from Aktobe State Health Faculty, Kazakhstan, in 1983, earning her PhD in 1992. From 1984-2004, she served as a specialist medical doctor in Russia and Kazakhstan. She was appointed as a Full Professor at the Biotechnology and Microbiology Department of L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan, in 2005, and has published over 100 papers and 20 books.

Dr Bilal Ak is a Lecturer in the Department of Health Management at the School of Health Sciences at Toros University, Turkey, having completed his PhD at Gazi University, Turkey, in 1987. He has previously served as the manager of Turkey’s helicopter and marine ambulance projects, the Head Counselor of the Ministry of Health, the Project Coordinator of APK Projects, and the project manager of seven hospitals. He has worked and researched in 14 countries, and has authored several books, articles, and papers on health and hospital management.

Professor Afsun Ezel Esatoğlu is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Ankara University, Turkey, having received her PhD in Health Science from the Institute of Health Sciences, Turkey, in 1997. In 1994, she joined the faculty at the Health Sciences Vocational School of Ankara University, rising from Assistant Professor in 2000 to Full Professor in 2011, before becoming the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2015. She has published 70 journal articles, and her research interests include management and organisation in health sciences.

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