The Life of Cracks: Theory and Application

Many people find the concept of fracture and damage mechanics to be somewhat problematic, mainly because, until recently, close attention in mechanics was focused especially on the strength and resistance of materials. In this sense, to speak of fracture is as uncomfortable for some as it is to speak of a deadly disease. In confronting and preventing a fatal disease, one must understand its complexity, symptoms, and behavior; by the same token, in securing the strength of an engineering structure, one must understand the reasons and type of its potential failure. This book will provide knowledge and insights on this matter to its readers.

Professor Srečko Glodež has 5 years’ industrial experience and has taught for around 25 years. He received his PhD from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maribor, and his work focuses on the fields of fatigue problems, fracture mechanics, dimensioning of machine parts and structures, numerical analysis and experimental research. He has published over 100 journal articles.

Professor Boris Aberšek has 14 years’ industrial experience and has spent nearly 30 years working in education. He holds PhDs in Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy of Science. His main research interest is connected with the philosophy of science and mind, cognitive science, and comparison between human and artificial intelligence. He is also an expert in facture mechanics and fatigue, calculation of service life, expert systems, and the use of artificial intelligence in engineering applications.

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