Improvement of the Structural Integrity of Ceramic Parts: Techniques and Applications

In contrast to previous epochs, we live in a “new ceramic world” where advanced ceramics are engineered for specific applications. This book highlights studies in the fields of fracture mechanics and materials science as promising avenues for the quality control of ceramic products. It proposes new approaches to solving issues regarding the structural integrity of ceramic parts, namely techniques of crack initiation and retardation in ceramic parts of arbitrary shapes explaining regularities of crack retardation kinetics. It also presents a developed technique of high-temperature reduction-oxidation (redox) treatment of Ni-containing cermets for solid oxide fuel cell anodes. The book should be useful to mechanical engineers and materials scientists developing new ceramic and superhard materials and designing corresponding products of complex shapes.

Bogdan Vasyliv received his PhD in Materials Science from Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute, Ukraine, where he is currently a Senior Researcher in the Department of Structural Fracture Mechanics of Materials. His research interests include the improvement of structural integrity and functional properties of structural ceramics and cermets. He is the author of the books RedOx Treatment of Ni-containing SOFC Anodes: Technique and Application (2017) and Crack Initiation and Retardation in Ceramics: Techniques and Applications (2019). His publications also include over 50 journal articles, such as “Influence of Treatment Temperature on Microstructure and Properties of YSZ–NiO Anode Materials” and “Preconditioning of the YSZ-NiO Fuel Cell Anode in Hydrogenous Atmospheres Containing Water Vapor” in Nanoscale Research Letters.

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