Contemporary Issues in International Business and Entrepreneurship

This book illustrates the impact of increasingly prominent global phenomena, such as digitalisation and climate change, on the international activities of both small and large multinationals. As it highlights, extant management research does not fully explain such emergent topics as Internet platforms, digital business models, and the decision-making of cleantech and circular economy companies. This volume serves to fill this lacuna.

Lasse Torkkeli is Adjunct Professor of International Business at the Turku School of Economics, Finland. His research interests are in the domains of international entrepreneurship, international business, and strategic management.

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Elisa Aro

Agnes Asemokha

Jie Chen

Olga Dziubaniuk

Hamza El-Guili

Anisur Faroque

Eini Haaja

Badar Alam Iqbal

Maria Ivanova

Valtteri Kaartemo

Satu Korhonen

Igor Laine

Lasse Torkkeli

Luke Treves

Arti Yadav

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