Our Sacred Dimension: The Sanctity of the Common Man

Our Sacred Dimension makes an important contribution to the anthropological, philosophical and psychological consideration of man in our era. It explores the role of the sacred in our lives, how it constitutes an antidote to the deterioration of our Personhood and to suffering, and how recent history has facilitated the withdrawal of our minds into a narrowly understood mechanical and material realism that in effect puts a shroud over our ability to perceive, and live, our lives in their full dimensions.

This book identifies the problem of modern egoism and explains the nature of sacredness in our lives. It encourages us to explore the sacred and instructs us how to do so. This is not a primer for ascetics, but a handbook for realizing our spiritual potential in our secular lives. This book is a call to reflection in a fast-paced, commercialized and self-centred world.

Every person, regardless of their past, can rise to the sacred and realize their personhood.

Halina Romanowska-Łakomy is an academic, writer and accredited psychotherapist and trainer. She attained her habilitation in Philosophical Anthropology from the Academy of Catholic Theology, Warsaw. She also studied for two years under Professor S. Leder in the Nervous Disorder Clinic of the Psychoneurology Institute of the Studium of Clinical Medicine, Warsaw. She interned under Professor V.E. Frankl, in Vienna, Austria, and had training supervised by Professor K. Jankowski in the ‘SYNOPSIS’ Center. Her main research focus is the philosophy of modern man, and she created and developed ‘Liberotherapy’, a philosophical conception of the origin of nervous disorders and existential therapy. The author of about 200 studies, including 13 books, she has actively participated in numerous academic conferences both in Poland and abroad. She has also been recognised with awards from the Albert Schweitzer World Academy of Medicine.

Chris O’Neill was educated at Muhlenberg College, USA, the Jagiellonian University and the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, UK, and has written about the Ukrainian minority in pre-war Poland, welfare reform in the United States, with his doctoral thesis focusing on the economic transformation of Poland in 1989–2005. As a Fulbright Scholar, he studied Mikołaj Sęp-Szarzyński, a metaphysical poet of the Polish Renaissance and Baroque. Chris has worked in marketing, research and privatisation; he has also been a teacher, manager in a presidential campaign and a lobster boat sternman. His book translations include works for the Polish parliament and Poland’s ministry of culture and for academia.

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