Transforming Classroom Practice through Robotics Education

This book offers a thorough and reader-friendly discussion of the relevance of incorporating robotics into the 21st century classroom. It explores essential topics including outcome-based education, robotics technology, the use robotics in education, and its theoretical underpinnings, among others. It also provides a wide range of examples and figures, making the book relevant across multiple disciplines in the social, educational and computer sciences. As such, it will appeal to students, teachers, researchers, and practitioners who intend to conduct robotics training in schools or institutions.

Dr Loh Sau Cheong holds Masters and PhD degrees in Educational Psychology. She is currently a Full Professor at the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling in the Faculty of Education of the University of Malaya, Malaysia. Her research interests include teacher self-efficacy, student self-concept, attribution retraining, higher order thinking skills, individualized education plans, and assistive technology, among others. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the University of Malaya Excellent Lecturer Award in 2016, the University of Malaya Excellence Award (Teaching Category) in 2013, the SEAMEO-Jasper Research Award in 2010, and the Fulbright Scholar Award in 2010.

Dr Loo Chu Kiong is currently a Professor at the Department of Information Systems in the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology of the University of Malaya, Malaysia. His main research areas are deep learning, continual lifelong learning and quantum machine learning. His AI and robotics education research has included the Intel-funded “Multi-core human-robot interaction” (2004-2006), the High Impact Research Grant (2012-2016), and the Quantum Associative Memory and Mirror Neuron Model. He is also the recipient of a Sumitomo Foundation Grant from Japan to work on the Elderly Assistive Robot project and one of the founders of UMCH Technology Sdn. Bhd., which is now in progressive growth.

Nahid Bayat Bodaghi obtained her PhD from the University of Malaya, where she also worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Education in 2015. She has conducted studies on social capital, social inclusion, and sense of belonging among individuals with visual impairment.

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