Road Safety: From Global to Local and Vice Versa

This book is dedicated to all road users, highlighting their responsibility to do everything to protect their own safety and that of others. It is also dedicated to all road designers to do everything in their power to adapt the system to the opportunities and constraints of road users. At this moment in time, this book is needed to affirm the role and importance of the coordination and sharing of responsibilities at all levels of road traffic safety management, from global, regional, national, to local levels. Its key finding is that vertical coordination should be two-way: from global to local and from local to global, in both reflection and action. The book shows that, at the researched levels of organization the EU, Great Britain and Montenegro, it is possible achieve the goal of zero deaths in road traffic accidents by 2050.

Milenko Čabarkapa, PhD, is a Professor in the Faculty of Traffic, Communications and Logistics of the Adriatic University of Montenegro. He is an independent researcher, a court expert, responsible planner, designer, engineer, and evaluator. His fields of interest include road safety, road accident analysis, road safety management, pedestrian safety, cyclists’ safety, and urban mobility. As a coordinator, he has participated in the drafting of spatial and urban plans, traffic studies and traffic projects, and, as a court expert, he has conducted over 8,000 investigations into the causes of traffic accidents. He is the author of 30 articles on road safety, and is a member of the European Association for Accident Research and Analysis, the Montenegro Association of Court Experts, the Chamber of Engineers, and the Association of Appraisers.

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