Semirings as Building Blocks in Cryptography

Semirings as an algebraic structure have been known since 1934, but remained unapplied for mathematical purposes for a long time. It has only been in the past decade that they have been used in cryptography. The advantage of (additively) idempotent semirings is that the additive operation does not have an inverse, which can help in preventing the breakage of a cryptosystem.

This book describes a number of cryptographic protocols, as well as the hard mathematical problems on which their security is based. It will appeal to cryptographers and specialists in applied algebra.

Mariana Durcheva is an Associate Professor of Applied Algebra at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. She holds a PhD in Cryptography, and her research interests include applied algebra, public key cryptography, discrete mathematics, graph theory, and secure online e-assessment. She is the author of one book, five textbooks and more than 50 articles. She is also a member of the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria.

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