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This book covers a range of scientific disciplines, from interdependence between low pH and heavy metal stress, to the genesis of the Maldives, and from the importance of globalization in Turkey’s environmental policies on water to Bluetooth-based robotic model platforms for agriculture. Also explored are the fields of architecture and landscape ecology and geography.

Contributions in each chapter are prepared by experts in the field, and mirror the advances in their respective approaches. This book contains important recommendations for future tasks within each discipline, and supplies extensive bibliographies at the end of each chapter, as well as tables and figures that illustrate the research findings. The volume will attract the attention of researchers and local authorities and implementers, and will be of great interest to academics, teachers and students.

Professor Recep Efe received his MSc and PhD from the Institute of Marine Sciences and Geography at Istanbul University, Turkey. He has authored and edited 60 works, and has published more than 125 papers in the fields of ecology, human-natural environment interactions, ecotourism, and biogeography. In addition, he has served as editor and guest editor of several journals, and is affiliated to over 15 national and international institutions.

Professor Isa Cürebal received his MA and PhD from Istanbul University, Turkey. He was assigned to Balıkesir University, Turkey, as Assistant Professor in 2004, serving as Vice Dean between 2005 and 2007. He became Associate Professor in 2010, and Full Professor in 2015. He has authored and edited 15 books, and published 45 papers in various national and international journals.

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