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Authors & Editors

Where can I find your guidelines for submitting my proposal?

Please view our Proposal Submission page.

Will I get feedback on my proposal?

Where possible, we will provide you with feedback once your proposal has been reviewed by our Commissioning Team and Editorial Panel. Normally, however, this will only be when a proposal is declined, as approved projects will receive further review later in the process.

My proposal has been accepted. Where can I find your guidelines for preparing my manuscript?

You will receive these guidelines from your designated member of our Editorial team, who is also on-hand to support you through this process.  However, for quick reference, please view our Forms & Guidelines page.

Will I be charged for publication?

No. We publish based purely on the academic merit of the research, and do not require any fees be paid to us for publication purposes. We do, however, accept subventions and grant payments where these help cover specific out of the ordinary costs in the publication process, or to cover boosted contributor copies or RRP adjustments.

Can I publish if I am not a recognised academic?

We are an academic press and, as such, our authors typically hold relevant academic qualifications or positions that demonstrate their specialist knowledge, and awareness of academic conventions. However, we will always consider a proposal submitted by a non-academic specialist, if we feel that it makes a relevant contribution to the pre-existing dialogue on a subject. In these cases, we reserve the right to undertake additional editorial scrutiny in order to ensure that academic publishing conventions are adhered to.

What will I be responsible for?

We have dedicated typesetters and cover designers. We also carry out a detailed pre-publication review of your work to check for copy editing issues that may need to be addressed. However, in the interest of preserving the intellectual integrity of your work, we do not carry out editing of manuscripts. This is because we believe your research should be presented as you intend it to be, encapsulating your specialist knowledge.

Can you provide access to a global audience for my research?

Yes. We have a well-established and constantly growing global distribution network, with partnerships in all developed economic regions, along with the majority of emerging economies. This means we offer all authors access to the major markets in the United States and Europe, along with increasingly globalised academic communities in India and China. At the same time, we support this growth by publishing authors from underrepresented regions of the world – ensuring that the important research they are carrying out in their own countries is available to Western audiences.

Can I be involved in marketing my book?

Yes, in fact we encourage it. The highly specialised nature of many of the titles we publish often requires a more individually tailored approach to promotion. The best results always come when we work closely in collaboration with authors to identify the institutions, publications, events and other channels that will offer the strongest marketing opportunities for their work. Promotion for those titles that may have a less specialised audience is built around our presence at many international conferences, our global contact list of subscribers and advertising in publications such as the London Review of Books, The New York Review of Books, and the Times Literary Supplement. Please contact for further information.