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Proposal submission

We are always happy to receive proposals

We publish academic research-based books in Humanities and Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences

You will need to complete a proposal form

We have a short proposal form (for a PDF, click here) which needs to be completed as fully as possible. All proposals are assessed by our Editorial Panel.

You should normally expect a response to a proposal within four to six weeks.

Please try and answer all the questions, and complete all the sections. This will make our assessment of your proposal easier and more effective. In addition, you should send at least one sample chapter.

The Proposal Form asks you to complete a short biography, and to list relevant previous publications. You should also send as a separate attachment a cv with details of qualifications, your current position and relevant past positions, and the institution to which you are affiliated. A standard academic cv will be sufficient.

When you send your submission, please note

Your submission should have, attached to an email covering letter:

  •   Completed proposal form
  •   Minimum one sample chapter
  •   Standard CV

Plus, if relevant, the Adapting Conference Proceedings checklist or the Adapting your PhD thesis checklist: 

An edited collection derived from a conference

Academic conferences typically bring together a mix of established scholars and emerging ones, and are often a great way to test ideas and to expose research to a wider audience. We are keen to encourage editors to pull together a selection of papers presented at conferences, worldwide, into an edited collection. In addition to the standard proposal form, please carefully read our guidelines on adapting conference proceedings for publication, and complete the short checklist.

Adapting your PhD thesis for publication

Some very notable scholarly works began life as a PhD thesis, and we are proud to continue and encourage that tradition. You will need to make some changes before submitting a proposal and submitting a manuscript for consideration. Please read our guidelines carefully and answer the questions in the checklist, and return it in addition to the standard proposal form.

Forms and Guidelines

You can find all required forms and guidelines on our Forms and Guidelines page. 

Please send all proposal documents to